Look Daddy, Adam!

By and large Bioshock 2 is nothing more or less than a competent sequel. On the one hand it lacks the originality and associated elegance of plot and character development of the first game, and is somewhat shanghai’d in terms of its own storyline by having to exist within the framework lain down therein. On the other hand it tightens up on the gameplay dynamics and offers an accomplished (and predominantly boss fight free) gaming experience. The one section it which it shines however is towards the end of the game when you take control of one of the little sisters. Whilst there is little here to actually do, it is the brilliance of the art direction as you see the world through the eyes of the little sister that almost makes the game worth playing simply to experience this section.

The remarkable thing is this is actual the second time on recent months that I’ve sat and play through a section of a game in open-mouthed wonder, the first being the Scarecrow sections of Arkham Asylum (and in particular the initial set up thereof in the morgue). Are games starting to come of age? I’d certainly like to think so…

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