On beauty in unexpected places

Crackdown 2 is many things: loud, brash and easily excitable being chief amongst them. In many ways like a hyper-caffeinated teenager, or an over exuberant puppy. What it also, somewhat unusually manages to be, is unexpectedly poignant. By use of the same city scape as the previous game, albeit one ravaged by an intervening period of mutant and insurrectionist destruction, we are presented with a landscape at once immediately familiar and at the same time subtly changed. On several occasions whilst indulging in a spot of orb hunting I found myself unexpectedly in what had been bastions of my formers foes power, now lying deserted and left to rack and ruin. As a testament to the transient nature of power, whilst not exactly being “look on my works ye mighty and despair” it was surprisingly touching, and coming in the midst of a game better known as being big dumb fun, doubly so.

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